Don't just take our word for it, read what some our our clients have said about the scans...

I booked my bone scan unsure why I was doing it when it got nearer, but I was so glad I did it! The scan was quick, easy and pain free, and very informative. The staff doing the scan are very skilled and knowledgeable, and personalise your results to your and your situation. I would definitely do it again, the staff are all so friendly and make you feel at ease.  LH 

This was such a simple and straightforward process. Quick and painless scan followed by a chat in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Put my mind at rest and allowed me to focus on a plan to stay ‘bone healthy’ in the future. Highly recommend.  AS-M

Feeling curious and wanting to know how bone density is affected by a diet of very little dairy I booked in for a session with Osteoscan to get my answer. It was a very relaxed experience from start to finish and Nick explained each step of what he was doing also what he was looking for throughout the scan. Informative diet and exercise ideas given as a preventative measure. Would definitely recommend!   JL

I decided to have a scan because I’m 57 had a full hysterectomy at 50 took HRT for a while (about 2 yrs) and was a little bit concerned that my bone health would be an issue - I have to say the whole process for me took about 20 minutes which involved a chat about my medical history too. I was given instant feedback on my bone health which was very positive and settled any concerns I had it was quick painless and very reassuring. Definitely not a “medical scary environment “ which I stress about.  JF