Prices as at 1st January 2021

Scan appointments are 40minutes long ​


  • two EchoS scans (spine and hip)

  • immediate on-screen results

  • diagnosis

  • explanation of results

  • post-scan sit-down consultation with the bone health specialist


The specialist will provide guidance and advice for you now and for the future; this could be changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle tweaks. It may also mean another REMS scan is recommended in the future to monitor your bone health. The specialist will outline it all to you. ​ ​


Your results are emailed to you for future reference. 

Please note.

The price of these scan appointments will be  £160 as of

1st January 2022 and rising to £175 as of 1st July 2022.


Price: £150

For those of you who wish a longer appointment with Nick at any of our mobile scan clinics, we are pleased to be able to now offer extended scan slots.

The fees for these are £300 for 60-minutes appointment and £450 for 90-mins.

Please note that we are limiting these slots to just one per mobile clinic, and obviously has to fit in with the dairy that day. So if you are interested in having a longer, more detailed appointment to have your scans, go over the results and maybe discuss in more depth any spinal/bone health issues you have, then make sure your book sooner rather than later to be guaranteed this.