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What is the EchoS REMS scan from Echolight?

Early diagnosis of osteoporosis is difficult.

Since osteoporosis shows no symptoms in its early stages, the condition often is not diagnosed for several years. Bone strength is primarily dependent on bone density along with the toughness of bones.

Bone "densitometry" refers to the process of testing bone density at key sites; namely the lumbar region of the spine, the hip, the wrist or the heel.

A low bone density can indicate a potential fracture risk.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) have devised a method whereby bone density calculations can be used to track bone health after a diagnosis of osteoporosis:


There are three major techniques available for the diagnosis of osteoporosis:

  • DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) - using X-rays

  • REMS (radio frequency echographic multi-spectrometry)  - using ultrasound and radiofrequency

  • QUS (quantitative ultrasound) - using ultrasound

To read Wikipedia's entry on REMS, click below:

For the full Technology Comparison article please click on the PDF link below:

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