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Case Study

Rachel I

Age: 40

Rachel is a 40-year old perimenopausal lady with a low BMI who did not eat dairy products.


She had her first REMS scan in October 2018.

Her T-score at her hip was -2.0 and in the spine was -1.6 so she was diagnosed as osteopenic. ​ Following her scans and taking the advice and guidance given, she worked hard on her bone health with nutrition, lifestyle and exercise. She worked closely with her Pilates instructor using wrist and ankle weights in her weekly Pilates classes, she walked more and looked at her diet and made sensible lifestyle changes. ​

Osteoscan Case Study October 2018.webp

Eight months later (June 2019) she had another REMS scan. Her bone density had improved and the T-score at the hip was -1.7 and in the spine -1.3 - an average improvement of 17% in only a short period of time. ​

Osteoscan Case Study June 2019.webp

She is carrying on with her positive lifestyle changes. It is hoped that when she has her next REMS scan in another twelve months, she will continue to show improvement and, as a result, she will have a bone density much closer to normal. ​


This shows how minor tweaks in lifestyle, exercise and nutrition DO have a positive effect on

bone heath.

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