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Taking Notes

Guidance and Advice

Following the two scans, you will then sit down with Mr Birch, bone health specialist, as part of the appointment to go through your results. ​


Your results are shown on the computer screen and explained to you.


Depending on your results, advice will be given regarding any changes in lifestyle or nutrition that might need to be made.


For instance, you may be advised to start exercises or take certain supplements. In some cases, you may be advised to take your results and to go and see your GP to discuss other options.


You may also be advised to have a further REMS scan 12 - 36 months in the future to monitor any changes especially if you are starting on a new impact exercise regime. ​ Mr Birch, as a consultant specialist, has 35 years of clinical experience in orthopaedics and bone health so you can be assured that you have the right person in front of you. He will answer any questions about your bone health that you may have. ​


​In line with our Covid protocols we are no longer printing any reports (thereby reducing any potential viral transmission). Your results will be emailed electronically to you along with general bone health information for your own future reference. We do not send your results to your GP.

Additional Consultations

Now that you have had your scans and your initial consultation appointment with Nick Birch, you might go away and have a think and have some more questions.

If you wish to have more advice or more of a chat than was possible at your scan appointment you should look at booking a subsequent follow-up appointment with Nick; either face-to-face (if local) or, if this is not possible, he can do a Skype or FaceTime consultation.  ​

Please contact Nick’s clinic administrator, Sam, on 07526 778596 to arrange and to book.

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