What to expect during a scan?

There is no need to wear any special clothing; loose trousers and a top are fine.


You won't need to completely undress, you simply expose two areas of your body (hip and tummy) when required.


The scan procedure is simple and painless. ​


You are asked to lie on a couch fully dressed.


The first scan is of your hip so you will need to roll your trousers down to just above your knees. Some ultrasound gel is applied and you will feel a bit of pressure when the scan is in progress. This takes less than a minute.


The second scan is done on your spine through your navel area, so you will be asked to roll up your top for this. This scan is completed in under two minutes again with a little bit of gel and downward pressure.


The results are available immediately and are visible on the screen. The bone health specialist (Mr Nick Birch)  then sit down with you to go through them with you. He will explain what they mean for you now, and in the future. He will also offer advice and guidance as to how to improve your bone health (if necessary)

Your results are then emailed to you so you have them for future reference.


The whole appointment takes no more than 30-35 minutes.