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The following are a series of lectures by Nick Birch on various topics surrounding bone health. The slides from each lecture are available to download below.

Bone Health: 101 (Basics)

  • Healthy bone: What is it and why is it important?

  • Bone health: The influence of diet and exercise

  • Bone health: How is it measured?

  • Impaired bone health: Treatment options

Joint Pain

Bone Health: Sport

  • Bone Health Assessment: The Options

  • Impaired Bone Health and Fracture Risk

  • Female Athletes: Risk Factors for Impaired Bone Health Male Athletes: Bone Stress Injuries - the Influence of Bone Healt and Impact

  • EchoS Point of Care REMS Assessment: Helping to Manage Sportspeople’s Bone Health

Running Group

Bone Health: New Developments

  • Diagnostics: The Osteopenia Fracture Conundrum

  • Therapeutics: Reversing Bone Loss, Curing Osteoporosis

  • Dietetics: Meat-free diet and Bone Health

  • Exercise: Vibration Therapy and Bone health

Ankle and Ligaments

Bone Health: Covid19 & Bone Health

  • Covid: Physical and Psychological Impact of the Pandemic

  • Physical Effects of Covid on Bone: The Brain / Bone Axis

  • Psychological Effects of Covid on Bone: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Suicide

  • The Future: Avoidable harms of lockdown

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